There are 6 sessions as follows:Lycig logo

  1. Our Focus – Committing ourselves to growth – Summary of session 1 feedback
    Aim: To explore the difference between maintenance and mission in the local church.
  2. Our Plan – Developing a strategy for growth and doing it – Summary of session 2 feedback
    Aim: To grasp the importance of the four Ps – prayer, presence, proclamation and persuasion.
  3. Our Culture – Developing a community of invitation, welcome and hospitality – Summary of session 3 feedback
    Aim: To commit ourselves to establishing a warm, loving and welcoming church community.
  4. Our Calling – Telling our story and helping people meet Jesus – Summary of session 4 feedback
    Aim: To help find our place in the ministry of evangelism.
  5. Our Journey – Growing and going deeper as followers of Jesus – Summary of session 5 feedback
    Aim: To develop a heart for ongoing discipleship.
  6. Our Heart – Developing worship that helps our church to grow – Summary of session 6 feedback
    Aim: To understand the importance of worship and how it can either help or hinder the church to grow.

Sessions will take place fortnightly between April and July (Click  here for dates)

Each session comprises…
Introduction/Getting Started activity
Bible passage
DVD Presentation 1
Exercise and group work
DVD Presentation 2
Response/reflection feedback
Bible passage for further reflection

Who’s leading the Course?  Meet the Team here