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Welcome to ‘Growing our Church’, based on the Leading Your Church into Growth (LYCiG) conferences.  Many churches have found LYCiG conferences to be an inspiration and a springboard for putting growth right at the heart of everything they do.  This course is designed to build on these conferences and expand that vision, including not only the church leadership, but the rest of the church too, implanting a desire for a church that will thrive and prosper into the very bloodstream of the local church.

Growing our Church is designed to stimulate, teach, equip and motivate church members to play our part in leading our church into growth.  In the context of the course growth is defined as:

  • Numerical growth – more people coming
  • Spiritual growth – more people becoming more like Jesus
  • Servanthood – more capacity to serve God in the world and local community

During the course we will have the opportunity to:

  • learn key biblical teachings on growth
  • discuss, ask questions and apply these teachings to our own situation
  • become inspired and motivated
  • make decisions, implement plans and discover new ways of working
  • stick with these plans, reviewing and adapting them as we go along.

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Please pray for the success of this initiative, and how you might play your part.

Growing our Church Prayer:
God of mission,
Who alone brings growth to your church,
Send your Holy Spirit to give
Vision to our planning,
Wisdom to our actions,
And power to our witness.
Help our church to grow in numbers,
In spiritual commitment to you,
And in service to our local community,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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