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When you hear the subject of ‘Giving’, you might assume that we just mean Financial Giving.

There are other ways that people can give to help the work of St Mary’s such as the giving of their time and talents.

Financial Giving

We do encourage people to think ahead and plan their giving – where possible planning to give on a regular basis.  We all need to budget, and we as a Church are no different.  We need to plan for the future so that we have the necessary resources to complete the work and mission of the Church.

Planned Giving is also necessary so that we are being intentional in our Giving, practicing generosity rather than reacting to circumstances or appeals.

There are various ways to give financially to the work of St Mary’s………..
– Regular payment from your bank account each month, quarter or annually.
– Regular payment by envelope in the collection plate each week.
– Ad-hoc payment into the collection plate each week.

For those people who are tax-payers, Gift Aid is available which increases your donation by 25%.  For example, if you donate £60 we can claim an additional £15 from the Government (£24 if you are a higher rate 40% taxpayer).  You would also have your tax bill reduced by £15 because of your Gift Aid donation (£24 higher rate 40% taxpayer).  This gives a tremendous advantage to using Gift Aid if possible, although we then have to claim the Gift Aid element back from the Government which is a time-consuming task for our Treasurer.

We have recently agreed to commence using a new Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) as promoted by the Diocese of Portsmouth.  Further details can be found here.   Further details on PGS can be found at

Our parish share is £70,000 each year, that is the amount that we are required to pay to the Diocese of Portsmouth.  Last year our Church costs just over £15 to run, every hour of every day of the year. We do rely heavily on the financial generosity of people no matter what the size their donation, and it is important that we encourage people to give in the most tax efficient way possible.

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