If you would like to contact us in relation to any matter then please email the Church Office on enquiries@stmarywarsash.org.uk

St.Mary’s Church Office, Church Hall, 109 Church Road, Warsash, Southampton SO31 9GF

Office Phone:  01489 570846

The Office is open from 10.00am – 12noon each weekday.  Click here for a Map

You may also find it helpful to contact the people who can best serve you with the following specific enquiries to :

Priests in Charge: vicars@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Baptisms: enquiries@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Church Hall Bookings: churchhall@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Churchwardens: churchwardens@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Funerals: funerals@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Parish News Editor: parishnews@stmarywarsash.org.uk

PCC Secretary: pcc@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Pew Sheet Editor: pewsheet@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Treasurer: treasurer@stmarywarsash.org.uk

Weddings Administrator: weddings@stmarywarsash.org.uk